Friday, July 25, 2014


I due capi del Mob Messa è andato a Santa Maria. Well, we went to case the church, to see if the pastor was in. We did not have recent photographs. The last time one of the capos had been there, he was threatened with arrest by Lennon's police [click], it was the day of the parish's eviction.

One of our duties is to gather information to warrant interest in others to join the mob for the Mass. We wanted new pictures. This church will be an exception to the churches we will journey to. It is a new building, with a post Vatican II floor plan, and architecture.

Some people really enjoy stained glass. This glass is dalle de verre (flagstones of glass), and it is mostly abstract. Sometimes a mosaic effect can be produced to show human figures roughly. It was not done here. So, it was even a bit harder to get satisfactory fotos.
 Pietà before abstract dalle de verre
Cleveland Mass Mob VII
St. Mary (Bedford)
7 p.m. Friday 15 August 2014

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