Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXI — St. Philomena

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXI
St. Philomena — East Cleveland
13824 Euclid Avenue 
10 a.m. Sunday 31 March 2019

Fr. Thomas Mahon was pastor at St. Thomas Aquinas Cleveland. Glenville (which then was outside of Cleveland) wanted a parish. Fr. Mahon would also become pastor at the new parish of St. Aloysius. People in East Cleveland asked Fr. Mahon to organise another parish, which became St. Philomena in 1902. St. Philomena is still in East Cleveland on Euclid Avenue. At the time, there were no Catholic churches on Euclid Avenue inside the city of Cleveland. That part of Euclid was Millionaires' Row, and no Catholic churches were allowed. On the parallel Superior Avenue there were several, St. Thomas Aquinas being the furthest east.

Since 2009, St. Philomena and St. Ann (Cleveland Heights) are part of the new combined parish of Communion of Saints. The closed Christ the King (East Cleveland), and closed St. Louis (Cleveland Heights) were merged into the new parish.
An open door is an invite.