Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVIII — Saint Patrick, Ohio City

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVIII 
Saint Patrick, Ohio City
11 o'clock a.m. Sunday 24 June 2018 
3602 Bridge Avenue

When St. Patrick's was founded in 1853 it was in the town of Ohio City, a rival of the town across the river. The next year, Cleveland absorbed Ohio City. The present building is the second church, and began building in 1871. The stone, Sandusky blue limestone, was carried in wagons from the quarry weekly for two years. Limestone is sedimentary, and you will see fossils on the outside walls.

The building process was not quick. The interior was completed in 1881, the tower in 1902, and the church was enlarged in 1913. St. Patrick is not the oldest St. Patrick's in Cleveland, but it is the oldest Irish parish in Cleveland.