Sunday, August 11, 2019

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXV — Saint Jerome

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXV
Saint Jerome
10 a.m. Sunday 29 September 2019
15000 Lake Shore Boulevard
We are returning, we mobbed St. Jerome on June 28, 2015. We were well received. Saint Jerome's is ending their celebration of being a parish in this, their century year. Our Lady of Peace on Shaker Blvd. is celebrating their one hundredth year too. The European War (now called World War One) had ended, and national resources allowed for the formation of church expansion. Cleveland still had incoming migration and new parishes were created. Saint Jerome's is in North Collinwood, just beyond Bratenahl, a wee distance from Lake Erie.

The present church building began in 1950. It is one of the few post war churches built in a gothic fashion. The stained glass windows were made in Boston in 1951 in mediƦval style, the great entrance window has delicate stone tracery, and niche stones are cut in that ancient look.  For some reason there is a heraldic Scottish lion, and thistle on the outside walls. Entry door are solid wood with carvings. In addition there is a beautiful side chapel dedicated to St. Joan of Arc. O, yes, Saint Jerome is a beautiful church.