Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXIV — Saint John Cantius

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXIV — Saint John Cantius
11.30 a.m. Sunday 11 August 2019
906 College

This will be a repeat mobbing. Cleveland Mass Mob X was on All Souls Day 2014.

This area of town is now called Tremont, and few places in this country are so dense with churches. When the smokey mills were being heavily manned by immigrants and sons of immigrants, they built churches for every nation and their creeds that populated them; in addition to the previous Germans and Yankees that came before them. [see and click]

Saint John Cantius was the Polish parish. It is one of the many churches in America, that was built in the Polish cathedral style. It is worth seeing. It is also one of the churches in town with an art deco element, here the angels above the capitals between the bays of the colonnades.