Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cleveland Mass Mob VI — Saint Michael

Cleveland Mass Mob  VI
  Saint Michael
9.30 a.m. Sunday 20 July
3114 Scranton Road

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cleveland Mass Mob V — Saint Vitus

Cleveland Mass Mob V
Saint Vitus
4 p.m. Saturday 28 June 2014
6019 Lausche (Glass) Avenue

Come see the frescos by contemporary Slovene artists echoing El Greco, depicting the Catholic faith, and the suffering of the Slovene nation in the middle of the twentieth century. The first president of independent Slovenija (who had been the last leader of the Communists just prior), Milan Kučan*, saw the war mural, and abruptly left the building. Confronted with the truth, he left. The Slovenes are a small Slavonic nation. Cleveland is their largest settlement outside the homeland.
*Most Slavs are either Orthodox Catholics (of several national churches), or Roman (Latin Rite) Catholics, and some are Byzantine (Greek Rite) Catholics. A small number are Lutherans, or other Protestants. Slovenes are overwhelming from the Roman Catholic portion. Kučan was from a Lutheran family in the eastern most part of Slovenija.