Thursday, December 11, 2014

'ell-o, 'ell-o, or woof, woof,

Clicking on Fido, to your right, will get you to a more frequent site of postings, with all sorts of ancillary notices, and pictures. Facebook has problems, and annoyances; but it  is the social media organ of choice for most of the mass mobs. Ours is a fully public page, meaning you do not have to log in or sign up. Just keep clicking and scrolling. We have way too many postings for you to get through. Here on this page, there is not much more than a post a month. In control of format and layout, this page is superior, but less popular. This is the official page, and most of the posts announce the next mobbing. The next mobbing is 22 March at Saint Mary Collinwood 10 a.m.   We expect to be mobbing the fourth Sunday of the month during 2015. That would be the 22nd through the 28th. A parish may choose the Saturday vigil. Last year Cleveland mobbed ten churches, only one chose the Saturday option. The first four, at least, have decided for Sunday.