Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVIII — Saint Patrick, Ohio City

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVIII 
Saint Patrick, Ohio City
11 o'clock a.m. Sunday 24 June 2018 
3602 Bridge Avenue

When St. Patrick's was founded in 1853 it was in the town of Ohio City, a rival of the town across the river. The next year, Cleveland absorbed Ohio City. The present building is the second church, and began building in 1871. The stone, Sandusky blue limestone, was carried in wagons from the quarry weekly for two years. Limestone is sedimentary, and you will see fossils on the outside walls.

The building process was not quick. The interior was completed in 1881, the tower in 1902, and the church was enlarged in 1913. St. Patrick is not the oldest St. Patrick's in Cleveland, but it is the oldest Irish parish in Cleveland.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVII — Saint John Nepomucene

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVII
St. John Nepomucene
Pentecost Sunday
9 o'clock 20 May 2018
Fleet Avenue & East 50th

John Nepomucene is not easy for everyone to say, the Czech version is Jan Nepomuk. He is the patron of the seal of confession. John *c.1345, 1393† was thrown into the Vltava River (which runs through the capital city, Prague) by the order of the king, Wenceslaus IV[not the one in the carol]. Wenceslaus wanted to know the confession of his queen. This is why the iconography has John holding a finger to his lips. His feast day is the 16th of May. 

It is common when people have settled in America to have parishes named after national patrons. Irish parishes in towns and cities across the land have SS. Bridget, Patrick, Colman, Columbkille, Brendan, Malachy. Polish parishes have SS. Stanislaus, Casimir, Hedwig, Adalbert, Josaphat, Our Lady of Czestochowa. Hungarians named parishes after saints Elizabeth, and Stephen. Everyone names parishes after Mary, and often Saints Joseph, Peter and Paul.

Bohemia is the largest Czech province, and in Cleveland (and elsewhere) Bohemian was synonymous with Czech. The other two provinces are Moravia, and Silesia. The Czechs named parishes after SS. Wenceslaus, John Nepomuk, and Adalbert (some saints are patrons to more than one nation).

Cleveland has three remaining parishes founded by Czechs: St. John Nepomucene, and Our Lady of Lourdes (both in what was Newburgh, and now is called Slavic Village); and St. Adalbert (ClevelandMassMob III). Until recently, the west side had St. Procop, and Maple Heights had St. Wenceslaus. Earlier, there had been a St. Wenceslaus on Broadway. The highways took that parish, and St. Martin. Holy Family was also on the east side and closed in the 1990s.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVI — Saint Augustine

Cleveland Mass Mob XXVI  
 Saint Augustine
10 a.m. Sunday 15 April 2018
2486 West 14th Street
Cleveland Mass Mob has been asked to return for another season. We will first revisit Saint Augustine's. Saint Augustine's is well known for its Christian ministries to the poor.  The ten o'clock Mass will have American Sign Language. It must be remembered that each celebration of Mass is not an indistinguishable, interchangeable clone of every other Mass. Each parish has its own personality and chrism. If you have not participated at a Mass for the Deaf, you cannot appreciate its beauty, and sincerity.

The local press has for many years visited St. Augustine's dining room to show the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Saint Augustine feeds the hungry every day, and does many other acts of charity (remember 'charity' is another word for love of others). People need to eat more than twice a year, and St. Augustine always needs help. If you can aid, it will be welcomed.