Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXII—Immaculate Heart of Mary

Cleveland Mass Mob XXXII—Immaculate Heart of Mary
4 p.m. Saturday 4 May 2019
6700 Lansing Avenue
May crowning after Mass

The parish began in 1894, and was separate from the Diocese of Cleveland.  Fr. Anton Kolaszewski was the founding pastor. He earlier was the first pastor at St. Stanislaus, a few blocks away. In 1908, the parish joined the diocese.

The original wooden church had a fire. The present church is from 1914, and is Romanesque in architecture. The windows are from Chicago's Munich Studio, and made by Max Guler. The image above is Jesus calming the Tempest, and speaks to the early history of the parish's relationship to the diocese. The windows are beautiful, and there are smaller figures to appreciate within the larger picture.

Currently a replica of the "Gdansk Shipyard Workers Monument" is in the church. The original was built in memoriam of workers killed in the strike of August 1980. This copy had been in St. Casimir Cleveland from 1985 to 2009, and to save it for the Polish community it was transferred to Immaculate Heart.