Friday, May 30, 2014

Mass Mob, Quo Vadis?

 Cleveland Mass Mob I — Saint Casimir   23 March 2014  
Where does the movement stand?  It is still nascent.  The Buffalo model suggested an internet presence by social media, and also interaction by the regular media. Eleven locals announced, three never really started [by evidence from a distance], a couple do not give much to look at.

New York City will have their premiere on the first of June, and the original [Buffalo] will have number four. The most successful mobbings were Cleveland I, and then Buffalo III. Buffalo has had the best relationship with the internet, and the press.

The most positive and perceptive analysis of the mass mobs was by Clarissa Aljentera writing on Busted Halo. It really is good reading.

How will this be in a year? Will there be another wave of engaged locals? or less, and sputtering?

Well, Cleveland has seen three, and the fourth is on June 8th, Pentecost, the perfect day for a Mass Mob. Cleveland has five additional scheduled, and is planning to schedule more after Cleveland Mass Mob IV—Saint Colman. At first, winter was problematic (and may still be), and the thought was to be very light in scheduling, especially since Cleveland will be the national leader in mobbing this year; but a new member of the organising group is enthusiastic about winter dates. I think, there are a couple of surprises. I am really looking forward to #IV: early summer, in a big beautiful church, with a history of gathering for big events, and a much respected pastor, soon to be retired. Saint Colman has been a success story. A standing room crowd is not unexpected. There is seating for a thousand.
 Cleveland Mass Mob II — Saint Barbara  27 April 2014  Divine Mercy Sunday
The Mass began without electrical power.

 Cleveland Mass Mob III — Saint Adalbert  25 May 2014
It is also like we are having a tour of parishes. A friend wrote to me, "And a most important point about Mass Mobbing -- it is such a joyful experience. To see the variety of participate in the variety of liturgies, to see old friends, to make new ones....what better way to begin the week. St. Adalbert was such a happy mobbing.".

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