Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cleveland Mass Mob 'Memes'

What i would call internet posters, or pictures overlayed with words, are called 'memes' i am told. Perhaps, there is some co-ordination developing in the Buffalo idea. The co-ordinator from New York City, sent me an address of a 'meme generator'. These are the first two. I was going through fotos of mine, and i saw a cardinal finch, and said "OK, i will use him".  Then, i thought, i need a foto of Francis with people at Saint Peter's, and found one.

And i also went through other fotos and tried to continue the theme.

This is on Superior Avenue, Cleveland Ohio. 4 April 2010, Paschal Sunday. It was after the last Mass before the bishop took possession of the campus. No one was willing to attend a Mass of Eviction scheduled for 11 April, so everyone left. The next Mass in that building took place after the Vatican decree. The Homecoming Mass was on 9 September 2012.

 "Open the doors so that the people of God may worship the God of heaven and earth."

These words were recited three times in English and Polish by Fr. Joseph Hilinski on the 22nd of July 2012, the day of the Homecoming Mass of Saint Barbara's Cleveland Ohio.

 To-morrow is Sunday, we have to go to Mass somewhere.

Now, since i did not have a penguin foto, this was available as a 'blank template' on the generator site. I was going to use one of a flock of birds, which i had taken; but people enjoy penguins. Smile, and wave. Smile, and wave. And our seventh poster ties a few of the themes together.

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